.kilo creates photorealistic and vibrant 3D images, VR environments and 360° videos. In addition, we create and develop services and solutions that are both interactive and interesting. Wether it’s a website, company identity, logo, business card or advertising materials.

Our team is a collaboration of architects, 3D artists, project managers, web designers and developers – all with a professional background in graphic design and visual effects.

3D images, 3D videos, 360° tours

A photorealistic 3D visual is a great way to demonstrate the exterior and the interior of the
real estate object when it is still due to be built. True-to- life and accurately described property offer makes it easier for the customer to make a final purchase decision.
Real estate companies often require architectural visualisation to present accurate and realistic images of a proposed architectural design to the potential buyer or investors. We can provide you 3D interior and exterior renderings, close-ups, sections, sketches, tours and videos – all together as a full package or separately.

VR services

Virtual reality offers the opportunity to truly experience real estate in the development stage (before it is ready). Why not use real-time options to test different color palettes, furnishings to help sellers / buyers personalize and visualize unbuilt spaces.

360° tours

An ideal solution for those whose property is already built. We can make it possible to look around in the range of 360°. In addition, you will receive 2D plans and 4K images and HDR panoramas, that you can use on your  website / social media or even print and hand out to customers.

Hinnapäring, projektipäring
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